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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Made In The USA, Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO.

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Supports A Healthy Immune System†

Vitamin D3, Vitamin C & Zinc


Our vitality product contains the perfect blend of immune boosting ingredients to help your body function at its peak†

There are millions of people today that are deficient in vitamin D. It is guessed that 75% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D because they don’t spend enough time in the sun. Vitamin D is arguably one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins that our bodies need to remain healthy.  You should be regarding vitamin D as your defense vitamin.

So much has been said about Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin. What it is. A hormone. How to take it and when to take it. Let's start with how to take it. Not all vitamin absorption is the same. Some vitamins like the B’s and C’s are water soluble.

This means they dissolve in water. We can take them with just water and they will assimilate into our system. But fat-soluble vitamins, E, and A and particularly Vitamin D are fat-soluble meaning they are absorbed via fat in the lymphatic system in the gut hence they must be taken with fat if they are to be absorbed. Now fat-soluble nutrients (not just vitamins but certain antioxidants like Co Q 10, even marijuana edibles) are not all that sensitive to what kind of fat you take them with.

Still, it is always a good practice to take them with healthy fats like avocados and eggs, fatty fish, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil . . . you know what the healthy fats are. Surely, a bite of Canadian bacon will do just as good a job as a bite of wild-caught Atlantic Salmon. Which do you think your heart and circulatory system prefers?

Why Take It?


Because vitamin D instructs your white blood cells to manufacture a protein that kills infections. Vitamin D has also been proven to lower the percentage of many different types of cancers which is why it builds your immune system..

Vitamin D distinguishes itself from all other vitamins because it is essentially a hormone that is produced by our skin with a lot of help from sunlight exposure. To be sure, all of the bad press about the sun on skin has caused many people to just avoid the sun altogether.

Those that don’t avoid it go to great lengths to cover themselves with protective clothing, sun screens and blocks. There are also sun mitigating factors like the seasons and the latitude in which we live.

If you are susceptible to sickness, or are always tired or losing hair, having muscle aches and bone problems, loss of calcium in the bones, osteoporosis, low testosterone, low libido, you may be exhibiting signs of vitamin D deficiency. It goes even deeper than that.

Vitamin D deficiency and may even affect metabolic syndrome as it has an effect on blood sugar levels. Research has shown that vitamin D has a direct effect on the pancreas.

Ok so now you know that Vitamin D should be taken with a small fat-based meal. The question is, what time of day? Morning? Noon? Tea time? Evening?  The experts say that Vitamin D can potentially affect the melatonin hormone, our sleep hormone.

As melatonin regulates the sleep/wake cycle, taking Vitamin D can potentially limit the amount of melatonin that is being secreted from the pineal gland in our brain so the best time to take Vitamin D is early in the day.

There is no doubt that the sun is a great way to get Vitamin D but you also must consider those dangerous rays from the sun. If you are particularly light skinned or are spending too much time in the sun you are possibly setting yourself up for skin cancer.

Also, when you get your Vitamin D from the sun your body needs time to synthesize that Vitamin D throughout the day so take your Vitamin D in the morning.

Vitamin D2 vs. Vitamin D3: Which is better?

Research has shown that taking vitamin D3 is going to give you more vitamin D than it would by taking vitamin D2. Research has shown Vitamin D2 is not as effective as D3.

1. Vitamin D2 is not as bioavailable.

2. Vitamin D2 does not prevent fractures

3. Most importantly Vitamin D2 does NOT affect the immune system.

How much Vitamin D3 should I be taking?

The recommendation from the US Institute of Medicine suggests that and average daily intake of D3 should be 400 to 800 international units or 10 to 20 micrograms. However, many physicians disagree. They say we all have different metabolic conditions, different chemistries and they are taking it without fat or the wrong time of day. They say to take more.

They say one to two thousand IUs per day. Some take as many as five thousand IUs per day. They have their vitamin D level checked and find themselves to be just in the mid-range. Our advice is that you have your doctor check your vitamin D level.

Vitamins C, D and Zinc's synergy. What a team.

Vitamin D is what mobilizes our immune system. Without Vitamin D immune cells remain naive meaning they never truly mobilize. Immobilized immune cells do not go after the Vitamin C.

Our immune cells have little pumps on the membrane (the outside) that pump in Vitamin C when we are in need.  Our immune system does not use Vitamin C unless they are called upon and activated. And when they do get activated, they really go for it, absorbing one hundred times the C as that in the blood level. That’s why the plasma levels of Vitamin C severely drops because the C is being sucked into vitamin D3 mobilizing our immune cells. The worse the stress or the worse the virus the more vitamin C your immune cells are going to demand from the plasma. The long and the short of it is; a compromised yet mobilized immune system can’t get enough C.

Vitamins C, D are and Zinc are not just buddies. Their relationship is transactional. Let me explain.

When the body doesn’t have enough vitamin C it cannot trigger Vitamin D conversion. A recent study published in the Journal Nutrition found that Vitamin C influences the enzyme (125 D3 hydroxylase) that converts Vitamin D into its usable form. So, without Vitamin C we don’t have the enzyme that allows Vitamin D to be utilized in its active form. In other words, Vitamin C is required for Vitamin D and then Vitamin D is required to mobilize the immune system and then the immune system needs Vitamin C again.

And here is where Zinc comes into the Play of Vitamin C and D. Zinc keeps the immune system and inflammation in check with a Zinc transporter that shoots into the cells to quiet down inflammation. Inflammation always makes a bad situation worse. You don’t want a lot of inflammation; it has to be corralled so it doesn’t go crazy racing through the body causing other secondary issues and potential co-infections.  So with the three here; Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc your body has a nice harmony of defense


Vitamn D3 - 5,000IU

Vitamin C - 250mg

Zinc Oxide - 20mg

Directions For Use

Take 1 capsule each morning with a glass of water, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.

For maximum bioavailability Substance should be consumed with some form of healthy fat, as fat transports at least half of the nutrients of these superfoods into your hungry cells.

Fat soluble vitamins also function as antioxidants which support the immune system while delaying premature cell aging. The following is a breakdown of each of the components of Substance.

Practitioners of intermittent fasting who seldom eat breakfast or lunch should take their Substance with a few Omega Oils. Cod liver oil is also good.


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We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For any reason if you are not happy with your product, simply contact us for a refund within 90 days of your purchase.

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